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Famous Collaboration

January 30, 2012

As the director of To Kill A Mockingbird, I spent my weekend pondering how to introduce different cast members to our upcoming audiences–the show opens in just two weeks!! ACK!!! So exciting!!

I discovered that some of our cast members have worked with some really amazing people!

Here’s Lyn Dudley singing a duet with Stevie Wonder!

Lyn is playing Calpurnia in our production. She has an amazing voice and will also be singing and playing the guitar during different musical sequences we decided to put into the show. (Mainly because we have such talented musicians!)

Lyn was the choir director of the famous Genesis Group in Salt Lake City. She has performed in numerous productions throughout Utah…. mainly because she’s fun to hang out with. There are probably other reasons, (like talent…and work ethic…) But that just makes it really convenient for those of us using her for her personality.



This is Taylor Lawrence singing with Elvis Presley.  With Taylor’s singing chops and Elvis’s awesome moves, they make a good partnership. It’s sad that Elvis had to die a good decade before Taylor was born… Sad…

By day Taylor is a super hip barber, by night she is a super hero bringing smiles to all who meet her. She’s really pretty. She has an amazing voice. And she is playing our very own pretty little racist–Miss Stephanie.

  I tried to find a picture of Josh Hilst with someone famous. He is playing Atticus Finch… you know… the character that Gregory Peck made famous… (No pressure Josh)

But all I could find was this picture of his wife and daughter with Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse is the the most famous person in the the world… (obviously)… And I think Josh took this picture. So that counts.

Josh’s talents include picture taking, having a beautiful family, knowing Mickey Mouse, and acting, singing, playing the banjo, and teaching English at UVU.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet–they’re only $10! This is a classic American story. You will love it! Or at least you can enjoy Holly’s Sliders! Visit for tickets today. The show plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7pm from Feb 16th thru Feb 25th. That’s only 6 nights! Yikes!

Posted by: Eve Speer