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Taking It To The Next Level

July 21, 2012


Audiences are loving it!

Performing the audience favorite “La Vie Boheme”.


MMST Performing Arts Academy, teaching here at the theatre, has a few educational opportunities for the artist who is ready to take their talent to the next level.

Voice Lessons, Acting Classes for Adults, and Acting Workshops for Kids

For more information check out

The big news–and the reason I’m posting this today–

We have an Acting Seminar for adults 16+ that is 5 weekly sessions. The 1st session is August 6th. (No class Labor Day)

And it’s only $50…. This is a crazy low price.

There are already 7 people signed up. We would like to have an even 10.

Call 385-743-8575 for more information or email us at to sign up for class.

Voice lessons are $20 for a 45 minute session. If you just want to get ready for your next audition or you’re ready to improve your voice in a very real way–call us and let’s get started!

If you want to see what a little extra training can do for you–just come and see RENT and you’ll see what taking it to the next level is all about! 

For tickets visit

or call the box office at 801-566-0596

See you at the theatre!

Midvale Main Street Theatre

7711 S. Main St (700 W.)

Midvale, UT

Posted by: Eve Speer



Acting Lessons Produce Better Communicators for Careers!

January 24, 2012

A trained voice is one that will get you a lot more places than you might have imagined. Think of the many places of value where you might fit as someone who stands out in a crowd vocally. This is not only about singing. There are many suave speakers with an innate power of their voice that have polished sets of skills.
How many of us grew up with the monotone school teacher who lectured without so much as flinching in expression? (Bueller? Ferris Bueller?)

On the other hand, I bet we all know people who are such great storytellers that we can’t wait to hear what they have got to say next. Generally, the latter group paid close attention to other people who were fun and interesting to listen to and then honed those skills.
Acting lessons are a great place to begin to gain these skills. This is a place where we begin to give distinct personality to a voice and help you to stand out in a crowd as a performer, storyteller, speaker, and teacher. Acting lessons are a fun, non-threatening way to gain insight and innovation to move you to being the “go to” person within your organization. You will learn voice modulation techniques as well as physical movement so that your messages come across more clearly.
These skills are used by celebrities, film and TV personalities, business professionals, educators, public speakers, ministers, broadcast journalists, musical theatre performers, radio personalities, stand-up comics, talk show hosts, beauty pageant contestants, musicians, vocalists, choir members, etc. All must be able to clearly communicate points of view and key information to audiences. These skills also help you in your every day life as you develop ways of being better understood with what is being said. Dedication in your work brings so many possibilities in their careers.
To become successful and effective we must develop the full potential of your vocal skills and qualities. You must become an expert communicator and storyteller. The good news is that it can be done in a fun environment. We will work on sharp observation and active listening skills. These make you stand out as the strong, caring communicator you will become.
We will also work on shifting focus. This is the difference of moving your own personal focus from what you have to say to how well the information is being received and understood on the receiving end. You will also begin to feel more connected as you go through various stages in getting established from meetings and workshops to auditions and interviews. This will help to heighten your awareness of the impact you have on others. This will also help you shift your focus from being self-conscious to audience-awareness when you perform or speak and will make you more comfortable at any meet and greet type opportunities.

Posted by Holly Evans

We have a few students interested in moving forward with an actor’s workshop. The workshop will be held weekly, 5 weeks in a row. Contact us at or just email the theatre at if you would like to learn more. Visit for more information on private lessons and classes.