A Jump Into The Future!

June 23, 2012

Midvale Main Street Theatre is constantly growing and pushing the bounds of what they’ve done before and redefining their own future.

At the beginning of the year, we opened with an amazing production of To Kill A Mockingbird that celebrated the anniversary of this profound story about community and integrity.

We followed that up with the community theatre PREMIERE of Next to Normal-– a story about family, loss, and acceptance.

The cast of On Golden Pond made audiences laugh and cry as they watched a timeless love story.

And now, we bring you RENT–Jonathan Larsen’s musical ode to living life well, even if you can’t pay your rent.

What do we think about the year so far? I think this picture of Angel from the cast of RENT articulates it best:

From L to R: Aleksndr Arteaga as Collins, Frank Castro as Angel, Daniel Silva as Roger, and Mike Howell as Mark rehearsing RENT. Check out the red heels!


RENT opens July 19th and plays Th, Fr, Sat thru August 4th.

Showtime is 7pm with a 2pm matinee every Saturday.

Tickets are only $15.

Get yours today by calling the box office 801-566-0596.


Spread the Word

May 19, 2012

On Golden Pond has become a splendid show!! It is funny and touching and beautiful and I’m so proud to be a part of it!

It’s only $10 for a ticket. So how do we get more people to come and see this incredible show?

We need your help. If you are looking for a thoroughly delightful evening of theatre, bring a friend and come on out and see this great show!

Real life mother and daughter Jen and Mary Mason play Ethel and Chelsea.


Tim Schomburg and Mary Mason share a moment. They share a lot of moments.

Austin Heaton makes loon noises from in front of the couch.


Marc Reading introduces himself to Tim Schomburg.


Mary Mason, Tim Schomburg and Joe Dutson enjoy some morning coffee on Golden Pond.


Tickets are for sale at the box office for only $10. We have 5 shows left.

Saturday, May 19th at 2pm and at 7pm. Thursday, May 24th at 7pm, Friday, May 25th at 7pm, and Saturday, May 26th at 7pm.

Midvale Main Street Theatre, 7711 S Main Street (700 West) Midvale, Utah


Thank you!

May 15, 2012

We want to thank our Midvale Main Street Theatre fans by giving you a 2 for 1 bonus this Thursday night only for our opening night of On Golden Pond. That’s May 17th only!

Show starts at 7pm.

Just mention “Eve’s 2 for 1 Opening Night Special!”

This is an INCREDIBLE deal!

Visit http://www.midvaletheatre.com for more information.

Please accept this promotional deal as a thank you for all of your support this year!

On Golden Pond runs May 17th-May 19th– (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 7pm and extends next week May 24-26th at 7pm. There is one matinee on May 19th at 2pm.


On Golden Pond

May 7, 2012

This is a picture of Tom Aldredge and Frances Sternhagen in 1979 playing Norman and Ethel Thayer  at the New Apollo Theater.

This is Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn playing the same characters in the 1981 production.

and here is James Earl Jones playing Norman Thayer on Broadway in 2004.

After 35 years, this play just gets better with age.

Join us at the Midvale Main Street Theatre on May 17th at 7pm to see our very own Timothy Schomburg and Mary Mason as Norman and Ethel Thayer. You are in for a treat!

$10/ticket. 7711 S Main Street (700 West) Midvale, Utah

Visit http://www.midvaletheatre.com for more information.

The show runs May 17-19–Thursday, Friday and Saturday–at 7pm. We have one matinee performance on Saturday, May 19th at 2pm.

A Benefit in Honor of Kat

April 7, 2012

On March 22 our friend Kat Stoutsenberger passed away.

We all miss her humor, her voice, and her friendship.

We want to dedicate an evening of music and laughter to her. Of course we’ll have tissues too.

On Friday, April 13th we will hold a Benefit in honor of Kat.

The show will start at 8pm. Doors will open at 7:30pm. Come early and bid on a number of wonderful items at our Silent Auction. At 10pm, Quick Wits will dedicate proceeds to Kat’s family as well.

Bob Bedore will host the benefit. The show will feature music from Hairspray, Rent, South Pacific, Camelot, Songs For a New World, and many more.

Please join us for a beautiful evening in honor of our beautiful friend.

April 13th 8pm Midvale Main Street Theatre  7711 S Main Street (700 West). Cost: By Donation.

Next To Normal Opening Benefit

March 10, 2012


We know that theatre goers have the biggest hearts and that as we act together and support one another in our various projects, we develop into a kind of theatre family.


A respected local actor and friend, Bradford Garrison, recently passed away.

Please support our local “theatre family” in our fundraising efforts for the 2 young children who have been left behind. Midvale Main St. Theatre is donating all proceeds for our opening night of the Tony Award Winning musical Next to Normal this coming Thursday evening. This is a great way to see an amazing show and help out too!

Opening night is Thursday, March 15th. The show starts at 7pm.

We would love to see a full house there to support our friend and his family. We will be accepting donations throughout the two week run of the show if you aren’t able to make it to Thursday night’s performance.

Tickets are $15.

Please visit www.midvaletheatre.com for tickets.

Next to Normal is directed by Tammy Ross

Starring Sara McDonald, Dustin Bolt, Cassidy Ross, Aaron Ford, Mason Holmstead, and Ryan Fallis


Just A Taste

February 20, 2012

Next To Normal Opens March 15th.

Get your tickets by visiting www.midvaletheatre.com

Just three more chances to see To Kill A Mockingbird!


Sweet Treats

February 15, 2012

This is the best fed cast out there. And that’s not a fat joke.

I worry that we’re all going to die of a diabetic coma before we manage to open Thursday night.

Every night Allison and Heather bring delicious food to rehearsals. As I type this, I’m enjoying a scone from Allison’s bakery, and I’m thinking of my Valentine candy Heather gave me as it waits for me in the tech booth.

Allison Froh


Allison Froh plays Mayella Ewell in the production. Her time on the stage is limited, but every moment is just luminous. We had a discussion about her character back at the first rehearsal, and ever since then I just sit and eat her scones and smile while she does her magic. When she walks in the room, everyone brightens. I don’t know if it’s because of her baked goods or because everyone has a secret crush on her. (Don’t shake your head! You know I’m right!)


Miss Heather is a dear friend from high school. When I found out I was directing To Kill A Mockingbird, I immediately asked her to be the dramaturg since she studied the play and book in college. She has offered me great insights that have really contributed to the show. It’s so nice to have a second pair of eyes, especially when you know she cares so much about the actors and the story. And I swear, every night she brings something tasty for the cast. She’s incredibly generous and I couldn’t have directed the show without her help.

Well, I think I managed to introduce our friendly readers to the entire cast of To Kill A Mockingbird. And just in time! The show opens tomorrow night!

Tickets are only $10. We only play for 6 nights. Thursday, Friday, Saturday Feb 16-18 and 23-35. At 7pm.

Visit www.midvaletheatre.com for information on how to get your tickets.

Posted by Eve Speer




Repeat Offenders Are Not So Offensive OR Blasts from the Pasts

February 13, 2012

New talent is the lifeblood of any good community theatre. But old friends are like tasty comfort food. When you see each other, it’s like coming home for both actor and director.


Marcella Borrowman


Marcella played Ouiser in Midvale Main Street Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias last year. When I first saw her at auditions, I was so excited to work with her! She is a pro. She is a director’s dream. She is playing Scout’s neighbor, Miss Maudie Atkinson. She is on time, memorized, amiable, interesting, and engaging. From my place in the lighting booth, I watch her smile encouragingly at the kids. She is the storyteller and her down to earth portrayal draws me in every time.

Stone Kalisa


Stone Kalisa was in Hairspray! and All Shook Up! And since knowing him, he just gets taller and taller. He is playing Tom Robinson. I am so impressed with the way he understands the character. He is respectful and you can see that he and Atticus both have faith that the law and the truth are on their side. He just tells the truth. I love seeing this guy who was a kid play a mature man. (He’s still a kid, but he’s tall enough that he can PLAY a mature man…) He’s a talented actor and I’m happy he’s in the play.


Sterling Young


Sterling Young played the lead in last year’s production of All Shook Up! He has a fantastic voice and he can charm the pants off audiences. He’s hilarious back stage, but it’s been wonderful to see him find his serious chops with the role of Sheriff Heck Tate. Another director’s dream, he’s always there and willing to do anything that we need. I love working with him, and it’s not just because he’s sporting a handsome mustache. (I lie. It’s totally the mustache.)

Come and see us this week!! Get your tickets at the door for only $10. We’ll save you a drink and some delicious nachos!

7711 South Main (700 West) Midvale, Utah

Show starts at 7pm! Thursday, Friday and Saturday!


Why You Have to See This Show

February 10, 2012

London Flynn as Jem Finch


Since you get to see his talent on stage, let me introduce you to London backstage. He is driven and intelligent. He is always energetically engaged in his playtime. And everything is playtime, whether that be working on a scene or playing video games backstage. He is so much fun to watch because you know he is having so much fun. He has an intelligent mind and enjoys a constant challenge. I take for granted how much London brings to rehearsal. He has taught me so much about the character. He has found the balance between Jem’s affection for his father and his wishes that he could have more from him. I can’t wait for you to see him.

Nathan Klingonsmith as Dill

Nathan Klingonsmith called me a few weeks after being cast because he was scared he wouldn’t be able to memorize his lines in time for the show. (We were opening in 2 months..) He is still a kid, but he wants so much to do well. And he is the best person for the part of Dill. He understands what it is to be at that pivotal age where you still want to imagine and play, but you start to realize that life isn’t always going to be fun or easy. He has a light in his eyes, but in one moment he can convey the heart break of what it is to be a child in an imperfect world.

Raven Flynn as Scout


This girl has so many lines! She has to be funny, imaginative, clever, thoughtful, smart, and poignant. And I feel so lucky to have Raven in the cast. She comes in with ideas and a clear understanding of the character and the story, and then when I ask her to try something new, she immediately dives right in. She is a joy to work with. She’s professional, but she’s also still a kid. She has a purse with candy that she likes to carry around and it’s hilarious to watch her sneak a piece of candy, or try to crawl around the stage with her purse. I am perpetually entertained by her antics, and I can’t wait for audiences to see her perform!

Please visit www.midvaletheatre.com to purchase tickets if you haven’t already.

To Kill A Mockingbird opens Thursday, Feb 16th and plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm through Feb 25th. That’s only 2 weekends!

Tickets are only $10.

Posted by: Eve Speer

Call 801-566-0596

7711 S Main Street (700 W)

Midvale, Ut