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Taking It To The Next Level

July 21, 2012


Audiences are loving it!

Performing the audience favorite “La Vie Boheme”.


MMST Performing Arts Academy, teaching here at the theatre, has a few educational opportunities for the artist who is ready to take their talent to the next level.

Voice Lessons, Acting Classes for Adults, and Acting Workshops for Kids

For more information check out

The big news–and the reason I’m posting this today–

We have an Acting Seminar for adults 16+ that is 5 weekly sessions. The 1st session is August 6th. (No class Labor Day)

And it’s only $50…. This is a crazy low price.

There are already 7 people signed up. We would like to have an even 10.

Call 385-743-8575 for more information or email us at to sign up for class.

Voice lessons are $20 for a 45 minute session. If you just want to get ready for your next audition or you’re ready to improve your voice in a very real way–call us and let’s get started!

If you want to see what a little extra training can do for you–just come and see RENT and you’ll see what taking it to the next level is all about! 

For tickets visit

or call the box office at 801-566-0596

See you at the theatre!

Midvale Main Street Theatre

7711 S. Main St (700 W.)

Midvale, UT

Posted by: Eve Speer


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-Review From UTBA

November 16, 2010


Review from Utah Theater Bloggers Association

The reviews are in for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The review was done on opening night and we appreciate the efforts of the Utah Theater Bloggers Association. To read the review, check out Utah Theatre Bloggers Website and click on the main picture.

Theatre Auditions-Quick Tips For Getting Ahead

August 27, 2010

Theatre Auditions-Quick Tips for Getting Ahead


Your favorite musical is on the horizon. You have seen the auditions being posted, and you notice that several companies will be performing it in the upcoming year. You know the part(s) you loved the best. Consider those roles. Go to the mirror and see which of those roles you are best suited for based on your current look. If you believe only minor adjustments need to be made to give you more of that look, try it out! Be willing to be objective. See if making those adjustments does seem to make you fit the role a little better. Have you found the look? Be subtle with it at the audition. If you walk in looking exactly like the lead, but they choose someone else, you may not be chosen for a different role because (face it) they want the lead to stand out as unique. However, if it’s a specific style (like a style of shoe, a certain hair style of the time in which this production is set, etc.) those are all helpful in showing how you may fit into the cast.


Choosing a musical number from your intended production as your auditioning piece seems like an obvious thing to do. Don’t do it. DO NOT prepare a number from the musical as your auditioning piece unless you are asked to do so by the Director! There are many reasons why. One of those reasons is that the Directors would be hearing the same music over and over again, it gets tedious and monotonous (two things you don’t want to be remembered for).


With that said, if this is truly one of your favorite musicals, you will be way ahead to learn all of the music from the production. It is not such a rare occasion that Directors will ask someone to perform something from the musical and hand the music to you to perform. Needless to say, you are way ahead if you already know it.


It is also likely that you will be asked to read from the script. Often you can find portions of the script by doing a Google Search. If you really love the play, consider researching the availability of purchasing a script and becoming even more familiar with it. If you cannot locate a copy, you can find descriptions of the characters and get more familiar with how they may interact with one-another. Again, you will be ahead of all of those who did not do this.


Popular Musicals are done over and over again. If a cast of 20 gets 100 people to the audition recognize that at least 80% will be turned away. Possibly more if no one matches the criteria for certain roles. The Production Company may choose to run another round of theatre auditions more specific to those roles. Don’t take it as you not being seen as “good enough.” It comes down to what a Director saw as best for a given situation. Those situations vary considerably, right down to who you may be playing with on the stage. For instance, if a Male Lead has been chosen because the Director feels they are perfect for the role, and there are 4 Female Leads still to be chosen from who all performed well, it may come down to what they would like the couple to look like standing next to each-other, or whose voices blend the best together, etc. My point is, keep trying. That same situation may not exist at the next audition.


You can learn so much from sitting through auditions and seeing what others do when they perform for the Director(s). Choose to not see others as competition to you. Treat them with kindness and celebrate what you recognize they do well. After all, they may wind up on stage with you as part of the cast.

For more tips and stories about Theatre Auditions, check out the Main Stream Theatre Company site.

Guyz N Dollz Enrollment Deal For You!

August 8, 2010

Enroll Your Friends at Guyz N Dollz at Midvale Main Street TheatreGuyz N Dollz Performing Arts Academy enrollment is right around the corner. Do you have someone who would love to be in classes with you? We have a deal for you!

Invite your friends to come to enrollment with you that you think would love to join. If they pay their registration fee and pay for their first month, then as a special thanks to you from us, you will only be required to pay your registration fee that day. Your first month of lessons (whether it is for dance, voice, or acting) will be free!

So, think about who might like to sign up and bring them along. If they want more information, send them to the Guyz N Dollz link on the Midvale Theatre page.

See you at enrollment!

Acting, Singing, Dancing? It’s Your Turn!

August 4, 2010

Guyz N Dollz Performing Arts Academy

Announces Open Enrollment!

Enrollment and registration will begin for the new Guyz N Dollz year on Thursday, August 19, 2010 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are currently located in the Midvale Main Street Theatre building and have so many performing opportunities right at our fingertips. Not only do we have performances on the main stage of this professional theatre, but Guyz N Dollz travels as well. As a school of performing arts, we are constantly expanding possibilities and invite you to join our journey to full-out expression. Are you ready to join the fun? Follow this link to the Midvale Main Street Theatre website and click the Guyz N Dollz Performing Arts Academy link.

Opening Night of Steel Magnolias

November 11, 2009

Opening Night at Main Street TheatreIt is opening night for Steel Magnolias and the theatre is abuzz with last minute touches! We are so appreciative and excited for the developments that have happened within our realm and we want to take a few moments to say thank you to some very special groups.

Tammy Ross notes that these are not just ads for business. These groups of people are our local businesses who have come together to specifically make this production of Steel Magnolias come alive and add the extra bit of extra fun and pizazz to the process. (This will be specific for those of you who are planning a night out with the girls.) Friday nights “ladies night out” is being enhanced by gifts and experiences from the following sponsors:

PhotoUmbra Studios, Capturing Life, Beautifully.

Premier Polish Automotive Salon

Intention Jewelry, Where hip meets holistic.  Contact: Angela Johnson

Tranquility Med Spa & Salon

Skin Care, etc.  846 E Ft. Union Blvd, Midvale, UT      Contact: Amie

Illuminated Woman, Empowering Women to Remember their Greatness.  Contact: Angela Johnson

Custom Impressions, Portrait/Event/Landscape Photography Contact: Lisa Nelson

Mountain Medical Vein Center 5323 S Woodrow Street, Murray, UT

Guy N Dollz Performing Arts Academy.  Contact: Wendy Smedshammer

Biz Divas, Empowering Women to Be It All! Contact: Angela Johnson

Wendy Paul Creations, There’s Always a Reason to Bake! Contact: Wendy Paul

We invite you to take a look at their businesses and begin to recognize the heart-felt intention behind what each and every one of them is bringing to our Utah experience every single day!

Intention Jewelry

The Midvale Theatre further acknowledges Angela Johnson and her Intention Jewelry Business. She has additionally generously donated gorgeous jewelry valued at $150.00 that will be given away at a drawing during intermission at the Steel Magnolias performance on Friday, November 20th!

Wendy Paul Creations

In addition we would like to thank Wendy Paul who has generously donated a copy of her new book, 101 Gourmet cupcakes in 10 Minutes, in an amazing gift basket filled with fantastic baking supplies. This basket will be given away during a drawing at Intermission on Friday, November 13, 2009 during Steel Magnolias.

Have you got your Steel Magnolia tickets yet? Call the Theatre today! 801-566-0596