About the Midvale Theatre

The Midvale Main Street Theatre is an inspiration for young and old alike. Our programs are created to develop confidence to give people a way to positively present themselves in the world.

Our goal is to involve even more people in areas that are your expressed expertise and provide opportunity for exposure that would otherwise be unavailable.

We have recognized that in providing classes for young dancers and vocalists, we were only hitting the tip of the iceberg. There is genius all around that has not found it’s way to expression. We began to ask how we could involve more people.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to have a professional actor, Eric McGraw, who has begun teaching acting classes for us through the Guyz N Dollz Performing Arts Academy and Directing at the Theatre. We also have opened the venue to include adults. Now the adult that didn’t follow the dream of being an actor, but does have that talent and that desire, can have that opportunity right here at our theatre.

By beginning programs to develop additional forms of creativity we are involving more and more of our community on a daily basis.

We will be offering playwriting contests to engage brilliant writers who, up until now, have never had the opportunity to see their works come to life. Might this be you? We would love to hear from you.

We have live bands come in and perform giving them a venue more focused to them and their music than they would ever get playing in a local bar.

We open our doors to the comedy circuit and give these artists a place to be seen and heard. Have you got an act? Come and see us!

We are opening our doors to the poetry slam groups and giving these brilliant artists a way to be heard.

We create our own scenery and props using brilliant local artists and crafters.

We have costume design going on all of the time with almost no budget, but the way our Jan pitches in to help, makes it all work.

We will be having “sing along” nights where the community is invited to just come and enjoy the theatre.

We are designing specific festivals to engage the various interest groups, like a week of Shakespeare, folk singers, musicians, songwriters, etc. If you have a specific genre and would love to be included, again, we invite you to contact us.

We purposely purchased a theatre away from the heart of the main city (Salt Lake City) because it is our goal to bring live theatre back to local neighborhoods. It is our goal to unite families and give them a way to really cheer each other on while developing confidence and self expression. It is also our desire to get back to a time when people knew and enjoyed the companionship and abilities of their neighbors. All of this happens here.

We work hard to keep our ticket prices and program fees incredibly reasonable so that everybody can participate. We would rather do more performances at less money, than raise our prices to where people are left out.

By Giving  Back to the Community in these ways we hope to:

Create stronger family and community ties. Give exposure to the talents of your neighbors and friends. Provide stepping stones to great self-esteem. Give people a safe outlet for their expression. Give communities a way to come together in celebration.

About Our Customer Service:

Honestly, “Customer” is a hard word for us. We are growing family and that is how we treat our Community. This is an upbeat performance-based business and our focus is to bring out in people what they naturally do best.

Our customers are our audience and are often our performers as well.

We also offer private and group lessons in acting, voice, and dance. This gives students mentoring and confidence in their performing skills. The unique personality of the performers is encouraged to come forward to be seen so that they gain more confidence in their individuality while playing a character role.

…and for all of this…we are indeed grateful!  Thank You!

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