My Search For the Perfect Cast

When it comes to casting, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right group of people. I had to go to some exotic places to find these guys.

Joe Puente was touring as a roadie with the famous Garfunkel and Oats Comedy Duo. He and Miss Garfunkel had decided to open an amusement park for lamas when I swooped in and asked him to come and play the Judge in To Kill A Mockingbird. Of course, he agreed. Their dream of an amusement park where a furry animal can spit and ride on the ferris wheel at the same time is currently on hold.

I discovered Terence playing in a revival of Charlie’s Angels. He’s the good looking one.  When I asked him to come and play with us at Midvale Main Street Theatre, he was relieved to play something that had a little more substance and where people would appreciate him for more than just his pretty face. (In reality, my first introduction to Terence was when he played Martin Luther King Jr. with the above gentlemen in a production of The Meeting at The Grand–but it’s fun to imagine these three fighting crime together.)


Mike Hardy will be playing Boo Radley. At the beginning of the play, we discover that there’s nothing worse than killing a mockingbird because they’re innocent birds that just make music. And the character of Boo Radley needs to embody that idea. So when I saw Mike Hardy playing Tweety Bird in the latest Tyler Perry movie I Know I Saw That Putty Tat, I knew he would be the perfect Boo Radley.

Remember–the show opens in just two weeks! You can get your tickets online now. Visit to purchase your tickets online, or pick them up at the door. They are only $10.

The show starts at 7pm. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 7711 S Main Street (700 West), Midvale, Utah.

It opens Feb 16th and closes Feb. 25th.

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