Opening Night of Steel Magnolias

Opening Night at Main Street TheatreIt is opening night for Steel Magnolias and the theatre is abuzz with last minute touches! We are so appreciative and excited for the developments that have happened within our realm and we want to take a few moments to say thank you to some very special groups.

Tammy Ross notes that these are not just ads for business. These groups of people are our local businesses who have come together to specifically make this production of Steel Magnolias come alive and add the extra bit of extra fun and pizazz to the process. (This will be specific for those of you who are planning a night out with the girls.) Friday nights “ladies night out” is being enhanced by gifts and experiences from the following sponsors:

PhotoUmbra Studios, Capturing Life, Beautifully.

Premier Polish Automotive Salon

Intention Jewelry, Where hip meets holistic.  Contact: Angela Johnson

Tranquility Med Spa & Salon

Skin Care, etc.  846 E Ft. Union Blvd, Midvale, UT      Contact: Amie

Illuminated Woman, Empowering Women to Remember their Greatness.  Contact: Angela Johnson

Custom Impressions, Portrait/Event/Landscape Photography Contact: Lisa Nelson

Mountain Medical Vein Center 5323 S Woodrow Street, Murray, UT

Guy N Dollz Performing Arts Academy.  Contact: Wendy Smedshammer

Biz Divas, Empowering Women to Be It All! Contact: Angela Johnson

Wendy Paul Creations, There’s Always a Reason to Bake! Contact: Wendy Paul

We invite you to take a look at their businesses and begin to recognize the heart-felt intention behind what each and every one of them is bringing to our Utah experience every single day!

Intention Jewelry

The Midvale Theatre further acknowledges Angela Johnson and her Intention Jewelry Business. She has additionally generously donated gorgeous jewelry valued at $150.00 that will be given away at a drawing during intermission at the Steel Magnolias performance on Friday, November 20th!

Wendy Paul Creations

In addition we would like to thank Wendy Paul who has generously donated a copy of her new book, 101 Gourmet cupcakes in 10 Minutes, in an amazing gift basket filled with fantastic baking supplies. This basket will be given away during a drawing at Intermission on Friday, November 13, 2009 during Steel Magnolias.

Have you got your Steel Magnolia tickets yet? Call the Theatre today! 801-566-0596

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